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New Videojet Remote Service Technology Provides Remote Expertise at the Touch of a Button

New Videojet Remote Service Technology Provides Remote Expertise at the Touch of a Button

Groundbreaking service innovation empowers quicker production line recovery with remote access capabilities, automated notifications and dashboard analytics

Chicago – January 27, 2015 – Videojet Technologies, a global leader in coding, marking and printing solutions, has launched its Remote Service offering for its Ethernet-enabled 1000 Line of Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers. An industry first, Videojet Remote Service offers remote access functionality that, with a few clicks of a mouse, allows either designated plant personnel or a Videojet Technical Support expert to directly interact, troubleshoot and make setting changes to the printer from virtually anywhere via PC. This intelligent printer monitoring and remote access system proactively addresses service calls commonly attributed to nuisance faults such as inaccurate configuration settings or gaps in operator knowledge, and it enables many of these occurrences to be resolved in minutes versus the time required for an on-site service visit. Moreover, Videojet Remote Service technology tracks printer activity and needs, generates data analysis dashboards and transmits automated email notifications regarding system changes, faults or requirements directly to designated plant personnel.

Engineered to speed production line recovery, Videojet Remote Service allows customers to quickly elevate service issues to the right level within their teams. Alerts for simple tasks such as fluids replacement can now be automatically routed to production line personnel via email alerts. With internet and secure network access, more experienced personnel can use the dashboard functionality to investigate a change or fault in the system, and with a Virtual Network Connection enabled at the printer’s interface, these personnel can remotely access the printer and make setting adjustments without walking to the production line. Videojet Remote Service can serve as a robust tool for enhancing the capabilities of production staff to more efficiently address printer needs. Moreover, it allows for increased collaboration, simplified troubleshooting and speedier printer adjustments. And plant personnel also have the peace of mind knowing that Videojet Technical Support experts are available to look into their system and provide additional assistance.

Once integrated into the customer’s network, Videojet Remote Service drives communication between the printer and the assigned network server or the optional Videojet Cloud Storage service. As an issue is identified, the system immediately registers and transmits a Remote Alert (electronic notification) to assigned plant personnel. Alerts can range from low fluid notifications to printer maintenance requirements to system abnormalities. Remote Alert filters are customer-selected and messages can be sent to mobile devices via email and also appear on the analytics dashboard. Remote Alerts can empower production personnel to immediately address simple items such as low ink levels, or potentially more critical issues such as missed print warnings that can be readily resolved with prompt attention.

Videojet Remote Service is accessible via web browser and is implemented in the customer’s plant through an Ethernet cable or wireless adaptor. Designed using the latest in data security protocols, printer data can reside on the customer’s network with access limited to authorized personnel. Alternatively, data can be stored on the optional Videojet Cloud Storage service. The Videojet Cloud is ISO 27001-certified and is validated as a Level 1 service provider under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Data access is limited to select, authorized Videojet service and support staff and is controlled by geographic location and standard IT security protocols.

Aysar Ziyadeh, Business Unit Director of Global Service at Videojet commented: “We are very excited to lead with this technology. Manufacturers can now benefit from a more intuitive and flexible approach to printer management with ease and access that is unparalleled in the industry. Senior managers at production facilities can have the confidence to monitor and act on most of their printer’s needs from virtually anywhere in the world with a secure internet access and a network connection – and they have peace of mind that comes with Videojet technical expertise at-the-ready if they should need it. This is another example of Videojet’s ongoing commitment to lead with customer-focused innovation and our true partnership with customers throughout the lifecycle of their equipment.”

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