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New Videojet Continuous Inkjet Printers Meet Micro Printing Needs

New Videojet Continuous Inkjet Printers Meet Micro Printing Needs

Innovative 1000 Line High Resolution series offer smaller, better contrast codes than traditional micro printing systems

Chicago, Illinois – March 31, 2015 – Manufacturers in the electronics, components and cable sectors, as well as other industries requiring ultra-small printing capabilities, can now benefit from high quality micro printing with advanced uptime thanks to the new 1650 High Resolution (HR) and 1620 HR Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers from Videojet Technologies. Enhanced micro printing capabilities of the new printers achieve high-resolution, quality printing of characters as small as 0.6 mm in height, and speeds of up to 348 meters per minute. The 40 micron nozzle enables the 1650 HR and 1620 HR systems to print 2D bar codes and highly legible alphanumeric multiline codes at high speeds on integrated circuits, small-diameter cables, and other products with limited printing space, optimizing traceability for manufacturers without compromising line productivity.

The new HR micro printers build-off the highly successful Videojet 1000 Line platform and the application-tested ‘Ultra-High-Speed’ nozzle innovations that Videojet released in 2013. With tens of thousands of successful installations, the 1000 Line platform continues to be the standard for CIJ uptime performance. The new HR printer nozzle leverages the proprietary Precision Ink DropTM technology which allows the nozzle to operate at over 100,000 drops per second via the advanced high frequency printhead design, which together with sophisticated software algorithms, modifies the flight path of individual ink drops for optimal code quality. Anthony Blencowe, Business Unit Director for CIJ at Videojet Technologies, explained: “Manufacturers using micro print place a premium on print quality. The 1650 HR and 1620 HR incorporate these enhancements plus specialized rasters to overcome the print quality challenges inherent in shortened character heights and fast line speeds. Manufacturers can now print more data with better legibility, at faster line speeds, often in the same, limited print area.”

The new HR printers feature Videojet patented CleanFlow™ technology, which reduces ink build-up on nozzle ends, enabling the printers to run longer than traditional micro printing systems between nozzle cleaning intervals, significantly cutting maintenance requirements. The printhead offers automated cleaning, supporting faster system start-ups even after extended line shut downs, increasing production uptime. An internal pump eliminates the need for external air, lowering the risk of contaminants in the ink stream, further boosting print consistency.

Complementing the advanced nozzle technology, the HR printers use a range of specialized halogen-free inks, which offer abrasion, temperature and chemical-resistance. All inks can be used on RoHS compliant products (EC 2011/65/EU Annex II) to meet the specific needs of the electronics industry. This allows the printing of durable, wear-resistant codes that are suitable for a host of applications including printing on heat sinks, capacitors, connectors and high insulation tapes.

In common with the other 1000 Line Videojet CIJ printers, the 1650 HR and 1620 HR solutions feature the Smart Cartridge™ fluid system that helps to ensure that only the correct ink is selected for each product, supporting electronics and wire and cabling manufacturers who may be using multiple ink types. The printers use a needle and septum to draw ink from each cartridge, eliminating the risk of spillages and reducing waste. This offers a real advantage in the clean environments commonly found in micro print applications.

To meet manufacturers’ specific operational needs, both HR systems offer unique features to aid functionality for line personnel. The 1650 HR features the Videojet exclusive CLARiTY™ touchscreen, which offers built-in productivity tools to help boost OEE and enhance line efficiency. The 1620 HR comes with a keypad interface that is robust and easy-to-use with minimal training, facilitating simple and speedy product changeovers.

Blencowe added, “The 1650 HR and 1620 HR are uniquely designed to deliver what is most critical to manufacturers requiring micro print capability – provide the highest print quality down to the smallest size code, even at high speeds. Serious investment in R&D has helped us really understand the demanding conditions that customers in electronics and wire and cable plants operate in, to which these printers can deliver.”

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