Consumer and Industrial Product Decoration

Videojet Can Help Differentiate your Brand!

Many traditional consumer and industrial products (brands) are supported by heavy advertising spend. However, the products themselves are lacking visible differentiation, leading to a disconnect between the brand promise and customer perception. Moreover, intense industry competition further exacerbates the problem.

Product Decoration Return On Investment

Consumer and industrial products decoration delivers an unparalleled return on marketing investment when compared to other advertising channels.

Selected Vertical Markets

  • Household disposables
  • Food and confectionery
  • Medical supplies
  • Building materials

Selected Product Decoration Concepts

  • Brand names, logos
  • Promotion support – links to websites, social media applications
  • Purchase reminders – precisely placed on the last product in the package
  • Localized content – directions to the nearest store printed based on shipping zip code
  • Sweepstake entries – winning products specially marked
  • Household tips and trivia – different message on every sheet
  • Functional inks – wetness indication
  • Instructional marking – size indication, usage guidance
  • Seasonal images and holiday themes
  • Safety notifications
  • … Any other variable data
In-line Product Decoration Differentiates Nonwoven Products

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